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'haiku' and 'senryu' are traditional forms of poetry in Japan. A format of 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the third lends itself to creating a beautiful rhythm. In Japanese it is also simply called 5-7-5. Traditionally, there were many rules, for example the use of seasonal references.
ikkuikku is…

ikku is the metrical composition of haiku and senryu
in all its’ brevity, ikku has remarkable capacity to convey much feeling
ikku can bring out the best in a photo
we want you to enjoy creating ikku

Fine design at your fingertips

Just by touching the display, you can drag and place the poem you are working with over a photo to find the most effective and aesthetically pleasing composition. For ease of use, a layout grid appears only when you are dragging.

Capturing the moment

With the freedom of writing up to 5 lines, whether you feel moved to compose a three-lined haiku or senryu, or something even shorter, in one or two lines, you can do so easily while looking at the chosen image. Just by touching the “done” button you can save your composition on the spot, at the moment of inspiration on your photoikku notepad.

With IROGAMI the possibilities for expression multiply

-It will set off your writing when you place IROGAMI, a dash of color, in just right spot.
-You can choose the transparency or size, as well as from an endless array of colors, to find just the right accent.
-your words will stand out and be easier to read when laid out over a strip of color
-a square of color acts as a stylish design element
-when color is laid out on one of the four sides, it has the impact of a poster or postcard
-both your photo and writing show up clearly when white is used
Easy editing makes your words come to life
in your 'ikku'

The freedom to lay out vertical or horizontal writing.Choose from four type styles, Mincho, Gothic or either with a shadow effect. Make it just the right size by simply moving the sliding bar. Select from any color, the one that goes best with your picture's background.
Use previously taken photos

Not only can you use photos taken with your iPhone, you can select any photo from your iPhoto albums that have been added to your “Photos”. photoikku also lets you take photos in the same way that you can with your iPhone’s camera function. And the data can also be stored in “Photos”.
※The size of photos are sometimes reduced when sent by iTunes to an iPhone.

A photo can be used as is, without reducing its size

Poems can be saved to Camera Roll, e-mailed or uploaded to your Twitter page with Twitpic.
Camera Roll:320x427-Original size
E-mail:180x240-600x800 pixels
Twitter(Twitpic):180x240-480x640 pixels
facebook:180x240-Original size
※The size of photos are sometimes reduced when sent by iTunes to an iPhone.
Share that moment on facebook!

-Easy to upload onto facebook.
-Easy to upload on multiple albums.


Share that moment on Twitter!

-Easy to upload onto Twitter.
-Easy to organize and sort on multiple accounts.
-Up to 5 hashtags can be added.
 (combined words and phrases can also be used)
-upload pictures with Twitpic.
So easy and fun to try out, even without a picture.

Just enter your writing, either horizontally or vertically, and lay it out over photoikku’s basic background, in your choice of white or very dark blue for a striking composition.

The fun of collecting thoughts and feelings on the photoikku notepad

As an option to creating on the spot, you can also jot down special thoughts and save them on the ikku notepad to edit and add to a photo at a later time. You can save up to 100 compositions on the notepad.

Update history
Ver1.92017.11.12- Supported for iOS11.
- Supported display for iPhone X.
- Share on Instagram.
Ver1.82014.12.20- Supported for iOS8.
- Supported Retina display for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6Plus.
Ver1.7.22013.10.30- Supported for iOS 7.0.3.
Ver1.7.12013.09.23- Added a font.
- Fixed minor bug.
Ver1.7.02013.09.19-Supported for iOS7.
- Added a font.
Ver1.6.12012.09.21Supported for iOS6.
Ver1.6.02012.06.08- Supported a japanese "Hannari Mincho" fonts.
- Changed twitter UI.
Ver1.5.02011.12.22- Share on Facebook.
- Supported a japanese "Hiragino Mincho" fonts. (only iOS5.0 or later)
Ver1.4.12011.03.16- Fixed minor bug.
Ver1.4.02011.03.11- Added writing up to 5 lines.
- Added choose the transparency of poem.
- Added kerning.
- Added applying to gradiation a strip of color.
- Added fixing a poem and a strip of color.
- Added a font.
- Requires iOS4.0 or later.
Ver1.3.12010.07.09Supported Retina display for iPhone 4.
Ver1.3.02010.06.30Added function of colored paper.
Ver1.2.02010.06.05Choose from various sizes of memory to save your poem in. Can now be uploaded to Twitter easily. Write your poem while looking at your photo. The notepad has been expanded to save up to 365 poems.
Ver1.1.12010.04.14- Added a grid lines to clarify the four corners of photo.
- Fixed an issue that was saved with a shadow, even plain text style is selected.
Ver1.12010.03.25- New text style editing-panel.
- Flexible text color.
- Adjust between the lines.
- Text shadow on/off.
- Layout grid lines.
Ver1.0.22010.03.02- Added text size.
- Changed text appearance.
- Fixed text position problem when using "Save Camera Roll".
Ver1.0.12010.02.24Minor adjustment of vertical writing.
Ver1.0.02010.02.18Initial release.
Price: USD $2.99
Version: 1.9
Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch
Running iOS 10 or later.
Language : 日本語 / English

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